Friday, December 19, 2008



Days before I came back to my hometown,
I hung out with my friends.
Everything was obviously moving smoothly and it was enjoying;
memorable as well.
We went for movies, teasing each other in the theatre,
had fun arguing whether which characters suit which of us better.

Sara Narwy: the sumpit girl suits the character of Eva in Igor.
Ayesha Hannah: the babi suits the character of Bunny in Igor as well as Rhino in Bolt, most probably because of her... unique teeth :B
There are more of us, but... I forgotten whichever suits who better.

Apart from that, we went to MMZ in Shah Alam to eat! Yummy!
I miss the food over there. They were awesome!

Oh yeah... not forgetting the waterfall trip and the Genting trip.
After having a great time in Ulu Yam the waterfall. Mini lost her sandals too!
Want to know more about why she lost her sandals? Continue reading it...

Zubair, my sayang suggested to drive up to Genting to have our lunch.
Since Mini my twinnie lost her sandals (which she was proud at the beginning of the whole event that she actually put her sandals near to the water before she entered the waterfall; unequivocally, the water will drag her sandals away, right? Before that, she even requested Smita to put her sandals together with hers, because it was safer. LOLS!),
Ayesha lent her sandals to Mini. And she walked bare footed in Genting. Hahaha.
There are more fun trips happened in just a week after our final exam.
I miss those days!

My lifeless nightmare started when...
Not to say nightmare, there were some fun parts too.
I came back to my hometown.
Everyday sleep, eat, shit, pee, online, watching television program, hugging my dogs.
Ahhh~ So lifeless.
I did nothing throughout the holiday after I came back to my hometown!