Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just can't believe...

I just can't believe...

I just can't believe that 6 months of CIMP life is going to place a '.' .
Most of my beloved friends will be leaving me alone in CIMP!
I will be so lonely! *Cries*

Although I know that all of you will never forget me and will forever love me. =)
Because I am so adorable and cute and handsome and innocent and ..., right???

Remember what was our reactions for the first time we met?
Remember what was the first expression that we made?

Remember what was the first impression that we had on each other?

I am sure that all of you will never forget it, right?

These are the first impression that most of you (graduating friends) gave to me:
Mei: a very snobbish leader.

Melissa: snobbish small kid who does not socialize much.

Iman: over achiever and typical Malay.

Jowee: typical Chinese girl who does not know how to speak English properly (but she is not!).

WingHang: another snobbish English-educated girl.

Smita (my sister): hot but bitchy girl.

Mini (my twin): cute and hot, but at the same time a bitchy girl.

Nadia Kim: the Korean girl that I met and first talked to during orientation.

Celine: pretty girl.

If I continue to list down every single one of you, I don't think I can finish listing it. =P

But... all of the first impressions are not true at all!


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