Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Bash

Evil Demons' Birthday

Once upon a time, two small baby demons (Melissa & Yee Yin) were born in...
(Oops, went too far from the main topic!)

*drags back to the topic*

4th September 2008

I know that I looked tired and pale...

Guess what?! It was Mel's birthday! A day before, I was wondering whether to frame her up or not... at last, I decided not to do so, because she is still a small girl. Then, we were all requested by her to wear either in PINK or RED to campus. During the 4th period, we went PINK - a restaurant which is a stone throw from our campus - for our brunch (since we were wearing PINK on that day, right Mel?)

Something special happened on that day itself, too, it was our raffle day. I've sold myself for CHARITY! (Gosh, I can't believe it.) But, it is good though; think about it, at least, I have done something good for the society (although I knew that I've been doing it every time =P). The lucky thing was my sales for raffles were not too bad, at least I got 21 buyers. During the 'lucky draw' session, it was crowded at the booth, everyone wanted to watch the show.

"Sue won the date with Kelvin..."

Wow?! Sue May - my Junior Leadership friend who eventually supported me by buying 8 units of raffle tickets - thanks Sue.

5th September 2008

The whole bunch, or rather I shall say the whole chunk of Yin's friends, including me, of course, were planning to organize a surprise birthday party for Yin. Charis was the main organizer (the main brain of the whole sinis =P). We pretended to forget Yin's birthday.

Yin: Do you remember my birthday?
Kelvin: No, did you tell me about it?
Yin: Oh, useless friend.
Kelvin: You didn't tell me, right?
Yin: Yes, I did! I told you when we were talking about it last time. I still remember your birthday, it's 1st November!
Kelvin: Oh? Really? When was it?
Yin: Forget it, I won't get you anything during your birthday (in a frustrated mode)!

Yin, do you remember that convo? =) I know... I know.... Yin, please stop praising me! I know my acting rocks! Thanks for the compliment.

The pre-celebration started after the class dismissed, they went Sunway Pyramid for ice skating; why did I use the word 'they', instead of 'we'? Because I was having my horrible, creepy, and scary English Exam. You know what? I've never got a C in my English from primary to secondary; the last English unit test was my first time in getting a C in English, oh gosh!


Oh ya, before I forget, why Tracy didn't join the ice skating session? Simple! BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T WANT TO HIT HER BUTT!

Well, back to topic, the main event of the whole evil plan started here...



Charis's true colour - VIOLENT!

We trashed Yee Yin at the ice skating rink ALONE (since it was a surprise party, right?). After everyone had already settled down, a waiter came to us and here comes the conversation between the waiter and I.

PS. Oh yeah, that was the second time I saw May wearing nightwear (but, she matched it with flipflops -.-"). And she was acting cute in every single photoshots. =X

Waiter: Do you wish to place the order now?
Kelvin: We will order later, don't worry!
Tracy: Kelvin, that was harsh!
(Kelvin's face turned apple-lish red.)

After finishing everything, May started her Kota Kinabalu incident...
May accidently heard the conversation between Mr. Plouffe, Mr. TMC, and a student (sorry, forgotten his name).

Mr. Plouffe: TMC, I show you what I have and you
show me what you have!

Mr. TMC: I don't want to show you what I have! (blushing)
Mr. Plouffe: Just show me what you have and I
will show you what I have!

Student: Mr. Plouffe, you show me what I have and
I will show you what I have!

Mr. Plouffe: No.
Student: I will show you EVERYTHING I have!

Okay, I know it is funny, so laugh! Laugh as loud as you can!
But, actually, they were talking about a bag! =P
When the clock striked at around 9:45PM, I went to Thai Thai; another birthday girl was celebrating there...

Both parties spent approximately 900 bucks! OMGOSH, 900 bucks!
I can use that 900 bucks for my shopping spree! I can buy more than 6 BRANDED shirts!

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